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How to Play Keyboard
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So you want to know how to play the keyboard? You are definitely not alone in your desire. Playing keyboard is a really fun thing to do and is immensely rewarding.

So where does one begin. Two key things to note are:

1. Don’t panic
2. Have fun

So now we are ready to start playing but just how do we start. Do you remember the movie “The Sound of Music”. What was the famous song? Remember the words Doe a deer a female deer. Well these tie back to the notes on your keyboard believe it or not.

Those famous words are related to these famous ones in the same song DO RE ME FAH SOH LA TI DOH. Now if you find the any C note on your keyboard and just play the white keys moving up the keyboard you will play DO RE ME FAH SOH LA TI DOH.

In terms of keys this is how they relate:
DO = C
RE = D
ME = E
LA = A
TI = B

Now you have just learnt two major things:

1. You have learnt the notes that make up an octave, which is related to the keys on your keyboard. The octave is repeated over and over again on your keyboard. Each octave gets a higher and higher pitch as you move up your keyboard.
2. You now know the foundational basis of all music.

Many songs are based solely on the eight notes that are represented by the Do-Re-Me. In other words just the white keys. Now the black keys also play a role and as you play different songs you may find a need to use them.

So now its time to either play songs by ear or from sheet music. If you choose to play by ear just remember the sounds of do-re-me. The only downside of doing this is that you may find it more difficult to learn the fingering. Fingering is the just a term that describes which fingers you use on which notes.

If you wish to learn to read music there are many good books out there that mark up the notes in various ways to help you find the correct keys on the keyboard. Many also provide little numbers under the notes to indicate which finger you should be using on the key.

So now doesn’t it seem easy to learn how to play keyboard now that you know it is really easy and not clouded in secret? I hope you have as much fun as I did learning.

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